About Carlito’s Way Cocktails.

Escape into the vibrant ambiance of Carlito’s Way Cocktails, where each sip is a storyline. With our handcrafted concoctions served amidst an enchanting décor, our bar is a hideaway for the soulful and the spirited. From classics reimagined to signature drinks infused with exotic ingredients, our menu is designed to tantalize your taste buds and leave a lingering note of wonder. Unwind in our inviting space, soak up the smooth tunes, and indulge in an evening where time melts away with the clink of ice and the murmur of good company. Carlito’s Way Cocktails — where every night is an ode to the craft of mixology.

Since 2009

A Full Bar & Restaurant in Studio City, California


To Give You An Incredible Experience.

We want to give you a night you will never forget.


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Studio City, CA


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Mon – Thur:  11:30am – 12am
Fri: 11:30am – 2am
Sat:  9:30am – 2am
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